Google Is A Political Warfare Machine. Never Trust Google Or Their Companies


Google is NOT your friend | ZDNet

ZDNet Education blogger, Christopher Dawson, wrote a post titled, "Google is your friend." Dude, I can assure you that Google is NOT my friend.

FAQ: When Google is not your friend - CNET

Google's vast database of its users' searches is a gold mine for police and curious divorce attorneys. It's just a matter of time.

Google is not your friend? - - Medium

I discussed our block from Google with some of my closest friends today, as I was thinking about it all day and it really bothers me, at the same level a Disturbance ...

Google is your Friend - Home | Facebook

Google is your Friend. 7,774 likes · 11 talking about this. We all got friends who're asking you stupid questions, instead of googling themselfes. Now we...

Google is NOT your friend and neither is FB - YouTube

Google tracks your queries and then decides FOR YOU what it thinks you should be looking at. The Ai doesn't want you to learn, and Facebook wants to choose ...

Google is not your friend - LaurenTedaldi - Medium

Against my better judgement, I did it. I Googled my survival stats. While they're not horrendous, they're not 100%. I have triple negative breast cancer (TNBC ...

GC130C2 Google is not your friend (Unknown Cache) in ...

I have hidden twelve puzzle caches now. All of my puzzles so far haven't held any secret about how to go about solving them. Not to say they were easy to do, indeed ...

Just Fucking Google It

Google Is Your Friend All Smart People Use Google It Appears That You Are Not One Of Them. Someone thinks you are an idiot because you were too stupid to check ...

Silicon Valley Is Not Your Friend - The New York Times

Silicon Valley Is Not Your Friend. ... Google had a similar role in carrying targeted, inflammatory messages during the election, and this summer, ...

5 Reasons You Should Be Scared of Google -

But they're not just passively stalking you via your weird ass searches. If you use Google to help you navigate the Web, there's a good chance they've installed a ...

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