Google Steals Most Of It's Technology and Obama Help's Google Get Away With It!



Silicon Valley Steals Almost Everything You Invent

By Greg Rohnert

It is widely reported that women are raped, abused, glass-ceiling limited, subjected to misogynistic

treatment and fully taken advantage of by Silicon Valley.

It is widely reported that Silicon Valley will not allow many non-Jewish men into their inner circle.

It is widely reported that Silicon Valley allows almost no black or Mexican people into their workforce

or social situations.

It is widely reported that Silicon Valley is an echo-chamber devoted to espousing politics that will steer

taxpayer funded government cash to the 300 men that sit at the top of the steaming pile of self-interest,

greed and narcissism that is the “Silicon Valley Culture.”

What is not widely reported is the fact that Silicon Valley elites have stolen almost every technology

they have exploited.

One of the Silicon Valley bosses favorite tactics is to hire Indian kids from Bangalore on an H1-B Visa,

get their technology ideas and then ship them back to India before they can get any stock in the

company. This is known as “H1-Asset Creation”

Facebook came from an existing company that a local inventor and tech entrepreneur had up and

running years before any of the organizers of Facebook had even started any work on Facebook or

formed Facebook as a company. Facebook bosses knew the inventor, came to see his work and saw him

regularly in the local campus and tech scene.

His company was on-line, marketed in magazine and newspaper ads, featured on television shows,

filed in the U.S. Patent office, fully operational, had non-disclosure agreements signed by the investors

and staff of Facebook, had Facebook’s investors request and view funding pitches and had industry

proof that he built it years before.

You would think this inventor would have a great case to sue Facebook for the epic thievery they

engaged in.

He would except for one thing: The Silicon Valley Cartel.

Those 300 elite boys club frat boys who run Silicon Valley’s exclusionary world have built a system to

blockade the rights of anyone they decide to steal from.

The Silicon Valley Cartel has spent tens of millions of dollars on lobbyists and bribes to U.S. Senators

in order to create and modify patent laws in order to eliminate all of the protections for individual

inventors. Google even went to the trouble of bribing politicians to put Google’s own patent attorney in

charge of the U.S. Patent Office. Before she was thrown out, she had gutted inventor protections and

ensured Google that Google bosses could rob inventors with impunity for at least a decade.

The federal campaign and political finance disclosure reports prove this.

Even worse, the Silicon Valley Cartel has spent their Scalability Government Funded Windfalls

(SGFW) on bribing law firms. SGFW cash comes from the fact that The Silicon Valley Cartel is a

government funded monopoly. They only have those horrific amounts of cash because they get to

exclusively get the government contracts, grants, cheap loans and networking access that nobody else

gets to have.

They get this SGFW because they paid cash and stock bribes to politicians who are corrupt. Those

politicians stop the FBI, SEC, FTC, FCC, USPTO, DOE, OSC, GAO and other agencies from doing

their jobs. The paid-off politicians, that the Silicon Valley Cartel owns, keep the Silicon Valley Cartel in

their monopoly.

The other thing that mind-numbing amounts of windfall cash, acquired at the expense of the public,

because the public has no other options, is that the Silicon Valley Cartel can buy every law firm up.

That inventor that invented Facebook will never find a law firm who could sue Facebook that Facebook

does not already have a contract with. Facebook and the Silicon Valley Cartel will quietly tell those law

firms that they will be blacklisted and lose all of their millions of dollars of future work from The


If by some slim chance he does find a law firm who might take the case. Fusion GPS, The Podesta

Group, Black Cube, In-Q-Tel and other covert attack services will be deployed by the Cartel in order to

discourage the law firm from moving forward with the case.

If the attacks and disinformation campaign, to discourage the law firm from helping the inventor, do

not work out, then the inventor is faced with the character assassination articles that the Silicon Valley

Cartel will place in Gawker, Gizmodo, TechDirt, HuffPost and their 2200 “Fake News” outlets which

they use for political attacks.

After all of those roadblocks, the inventor is faced with the challenge of coming up with the

$300,000.00 to $1.5 million retainer to pay for the epic legal battle with Facebook or any other Silicon

Valley Cartel company. No inventor could possibly afford that so the inventor must go t0o the venture

capital finance market which is controlled by…...THE SILICON VALLEY CARTEL.

You would think that the U.S. Congress would pass laws to protect America’s asset: it’s individual

inventors; but Congress works for The Silicon Valley Cartel.

Every inventor goes through this intellectual property rape by Silicon Valley. Google does it the most.

Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and most of the big names in Silicon Valley were copied from other smaller

entrepreneurs who did it first, years earlier. Larry Page, at Google, has a New York times article about

his scheming plots to slink around technology events and steal ideas.

Silicon Valley is the Mafia. The background of this Mafia is not Sicilian but the tactics and lethal ech-

chamber of theft and depravity is the same.

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