We Created The “Fake News” Controversy


"Fake News" = Big Corporate Broadcasters Putting On Propaganda as Pretend News Shows With Fake News Reader Actors Pushing A Political Agenda

We Created The “Fake News” Controversy


In 2006, we wereinvestigating the process whereby Google’s owners ordered the elimination of certain news stories and the “pumping” of certain other news PR stories for their friends, across the entire Internet.

In the course of that other investigation we discovered that a group of Hollywood andSilicon Valley men were conducting private meetings to conspire to manipulate public information.

We discovered this because we were accidentally invited to a couple of these meetingscoincidental to the AngelGate Scandal and the High Tech No Poaching lawsuit in Silicon Valley. What we saw, and what AngelGate and the NoPoaching case revealed, was that a group of men had gotten together to trick the public.

That was not cool.

We decided to teach them a lesson. While they had control of the Internet, they did notyet have control of all of the news.

We created tens of thousands of new news sites in order to show them up and highlighttheir manipulations by example.

It worked!

It is now way easier to see what news sites have an agenda, what that agenda is and whatthey are refusing to tell you.

We are only just getting started...




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